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Star Frontiers: New Horizons game version RC1 can be downloaded Here.

StarFrontiers.org is your host and resource gateway for Star Frontiers Fan add-ons and revisions. You can find new all-original fan-developed content here including Rules, Graphic Novels, Computer Gaming Aids, and naturally the Gamer Forum. Join a Play-by-Post game, enjoy Frontier add-on solar systems and ships for Orbiter Space Simulator, or Browse the Downloads section for fantastic campaign data. While you are at it, enjoy the huge variety of original SF art, both computer modeling and pen-and-ink! Submit your own high-quality creations for hosting here! NOTE TO OUR USERS: Our forum may be taken off-line now and again due to server resources being drained by spambots assaulting the site. There are other services hosted here that take priority.
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Host your game forum here on Starfrontiers.org! Increase your games' exposure and have a pop-up free home for your game. Just request gamemaster status from admin, and you will be granted moderator rights, and unlimited page and file hosting right here on the site...for FREE! Watch here for announcements of new Virtual Game events, links to tools and resources for Old School RPG gaming... over the internet. Larry Moore at StarFrontiers.US is helping coordinate more and better gaming events like we had at the Virtual Con. It's time to PLAY guys!